Is the MistAway System safe?

While the misting treatment formulations are low in toxicity to people and pets, it is not a good idea to come into close or frequent direct contact with the mist. Inhalation can cause respiratory problems (coughing, wheezing, etc.) and skin contact can cause a rash or itching. That’s why on every MistAway Mosquito Misting System, you’ll see a caution sign that reads “Do not mist in the presence of people, pets or food.”

How does the In2Care Mosquito Trap work?

The In2Care Mosquito Trap targets two life-stages of the mosquito, the adults and the larvae at the moment they pupate. Adult mosquitoes are lured to the trap and deposit eggs in the water. Inside the trap they sit on the floater gauze and become contaminated with a slow-killing biological fungus and a larvicide. The fungus infection takes a few days to kill the mosquito and can block Dengue virus replication. In the meantime, the infected mosquito will also spread larvicide to breeding sites around the trap. Aedes mosquitoes are skip-ovipositors (laying their eggs in multiple sites) and will carry the larvicide on their legs and kill larvae in each water body they visit.

Is it okay for my kids and pets to play near the Sentricon bait stations?

Yes. The stations are placed in the ground with only a service cover visible, and require a special key to open. In addition, the active ingredient used in Sentricon, noviflumuron, is designed specifically to disrupt the molting process that occurs only in insects and closely related organisms, not people or pets.

What will happen to my pets if they come in contact with a bait station?

The quantity of active ingredient in each bait station is so small that a dog would need to ingest approximately 200 of the bait station inserts — which is simply impossible — before becoming sick.

How do I know if I have termites or a termite problem?

Since most of the wood in a home is hidden, it is best to hire a pest control professional to inspect the building for termites, wood damage and mud tubes. Sometimes in the spring or fall, when the termites swarm, you may see dead termites or discarded termite wings around windows, doors, heating vents, or in bathtubs or sinks.

How likely is a termite attack in my home?

Use our risk assessment tool to discover your termite risk level.

What is in the Sentricon Always Active™ termite Bait that eliminates termite colonies?

The active ingredient in the bait is Noviflumuron, an insect growth regulator (IGR). The IGR stops the termites’ vital molting process, so when they are unable to grow, they die.

How long does it take to eliminate a termite colony?

Once the Sentricon® System is installed, it can take from a few weeks to several months for termites to enter the stations, depending on several factors including time of year, geography, termite species, and others. Once the termites begin feeding on Always Active™ termite bait, the process of decline toward total colony elimination begins.

Is Sentricon effective against the type of termites I have?

Always Active™ termite bait used in the Sentricon® System is effective against all economically important subterranean termite species in the continental U.S. and Hawaii, and in other countries.

Why don’t the termites just go in between the stations you have placed in the ground around my building and still get to the structure?

Termites continuously search for new feeding sites, even though they may have already located an abundant food source. Termites also feed randomly among available food sites within their foraging area. Therefore, when they are foraging near your building, they will find and attack the monitoring devices in one or more of the stations, even if the colony was already in the building before the system was installed.

When a termite colony has been eliminated, do you remove the bait stations?

Once a colony has been eliminated, another one could invade your property at any time. To keep your home or business protected, the Sentricon stations should remain in the ground and be professionally monitored for future activity.

Why should I use Sentricon instead of other methods?

Research has documented that other methods do not provide colony elimination. Only Sentricon has proven to totally eliminate termite colonies. In addition, Sentricon is affordable, more economical in the long run and environmentally friendly, and it provides continuous protection against future termite colony attacks.

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